Premios de la SSPHS

The Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies  presentó semanas atrás  sus últimos galardones:

Best Dissertation in Iberian History (2005-07): GABRIEL PAQUETTE (Trinity College, University of Cambridge), Governance and Reform in the Spanish Atlantic World, c. 1760-1810 (University of Cambridge, 2006).

“Drawing upon a wide range of literature and archival material in Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Cuba, Paquette’s dissertation examines the theory of government reform during the late 18th century. Paquette argues that Spanish regalism, modified by ideas about good government and public happiness derived from emulation and rivalry with other European powers, led to an interesting amalgam of notions about the role of government. And he connects these ideas to government policies, especially with respect to the management and reform of the Americas, where “men-on-the-spot,” modified ideas and policies emanating from the metropolis, added their own, and helped shape Spanish reform in the age of the Enlightenment.”

2007 A.H. de Oliveira Marques Prize in Portuguese History: LORRAINE WHITE, “Strategic Geography and the Spanish Habsburg Monarchy’s Failure to Recover Portugal, 1640-1668”, The Journal of Military History, 71 (Abril 2007), págs. 373-409.

“One member of the prize committee described Lorraine White’s article on the geo-strategic factors in the military campaigns of the Portuguese Restoration, 1640-1668, as ‘well written, well-researched, well-analyzed’ and ‘compelling in its readability.’ The rest of the committee enthusiastically agrees. This article is a major contribution to understanding the success of the Portuguese struggle against Spain’s efforts to regain the kingdom. It should be required reading for all historians studying the Iberian Peninsula, 1640-1668.”

Añadamos que el profesor Paquette acaba de presentar un libro como colofón de su investigación: Enlightenment, Governance and Reform in Spain and its Empire 1759-1808 (Palgrave Macmillan)

Por cierto, se puede acceder de forma gratuita al SSPHS Bulletin y, además, podemos aprovechar para informarnos de su próximo evento: “The Call for Papers for the 40th Annual Conference of the Society for  Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (Kansas City, Missouri, April 2-5, 2009) is now posted on the SSPHS website”.

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